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Loneliness can be defined as the negative experience of solitude. When you’re lonely, you may feel quite sad.
If you’re dealing with loneliness, know that you’re not alone in that. It affects people of all ages, and especially older people who may be living alone. There are many people who feel lonely, and many others who have felt lonely before but don’t feel lonely any longer. Indeed, it is possible to overcome your loneliness.

So, read on to learn five helpful tips for overcoming loneliness.

Overcoming Loneliness with 5 Helpful Tips

Overcoming loneliness may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Plus, thanks to the internet there is a lot of helpful guidance readily available from helpful sites such as BetterHelp.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many people who are lonely are introverts. This means that it won’t come naturally to you to go out and try to be social. Unfortunately, that’s just what you need to do! If we never get outside of our comfort zone, then we’ll never make progress. This applies in all aspects of life, not just with loneliness.

Work on Your Existing Relationships

Pretty much everyone has relationships of some kind. Whether they are with family or coworkers, you likely have at least one or two relationships that already exist. So, take the time to nurture these relationships.

Although you may be work colleagues, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get to know each other better. For example, you could take a chance and invite a colleague to have a coffee or a drink sometime.

Join a Club or Other Group

Consider your interests and try to find a club or other group with whom you can share this interest. Whether it’s in person or an online community, there are 7 billion people on this planet. Surely, there are some out there who you can connect with!

So, whether you’re a big sports fan or into cycling, dance, pottery, or Harry Potter, you can find other people to share in your passion by joining a club or other group.
Find a Hobby

As mentioned just above, there are many hobbies that have online and in-person communities around them. For example, you may enjoy following a certain sports team. If so, look online and in your area to find other people with your same passion.

You might also do the same with music, whether that’s playing music or enjoying listening to your favorite artists. Hobbies like music are great ways for us to connect with others.

Seek Help

Finally, if you are really struggling from the effects of your loneliness, then you may want to consider seeking help. Licensed counselors are trained to help people face all kinds of problems, including loneliness.

Above all, don’t feel bad about reaching out for help. Therapy can make a big difference and help get you moving toward a less lonely existence.


Loneliness is tough; there’s no denying that. It’s especially hard when it feels like you’re all alone and everyone else has a partner, lots of friends and family, etc.

Just because this might not be your situation now, however, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Put yourself out there and use the tools at your fingertips (like the internet). If you make an effort, you’re bound to find someone—or a whole community—to interact with.

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